Buying & Selling Used CDs on eBay

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Ebay is a wonderful medium for buying & selling CDs. As a buyer, you can extend your current music collection or obtain sought-after albums that are no longer available through normal retail outlets at very  reasonable costs. As a seller, you can sell CDs that you no longer listen to - or if you download your current collection into iTunes/iPod, to turn a valuable collection into a considerable amount of cash.

Buying CDs on eBay

  1. Check the listing carefully to ensure that the seller has detailed the condtion of the Case, Sleeves (booklets & inserts) and CD carefully, and fully describes any flaws.
  2. Ensure that the CD is quoted as having no major scratches and plays perfectly before you buy. If not, email the seller before bidding, to ensure that it does. If there's a certain track or two that you want, ensure that they at least play perfectly before you buy.
  3. Shipping and postage costs should be no more than $2.55 per CD. Good sellers will ship the CD to you in a special Australia Post CD pack. These packs ensure the safest and most cost effective packaging. These packs cost about $1.10 with $1.00 to $1.45 for postage depending on where you live in Australia.
  4. If you want to hear the compete album before bidding, go to websites such as Amazon, Sanity Music or iTunes and listen to their samples of the tracks.
  5. If you buy 2 or more CDs from the same seller, enquire about combined shipping costs. However, if you only buying 2, sometimes it may be better to pay for 2 separate CD packs (at $2.50 each) than have the seller combine them in a $5.00+ satchel - which is not as safe for CD handling unless they use considerable bubble wrap. The later makes it more expensive for the seller to send.
  6. Good sellers will list the CD's tracks or at least the main popular ones in their listing .If not, email them and ask for more information before you bid.
  7. Be kind to sellers when leaving feedback on postage costs. Shipping and handling are an unfortunate cost that the seller must incur.

Selling CDs on eBay

  1. Always carefully describe the condtion of the Case, Sleeves, CD disk, and any major flaws, scratches and whether it plays perfectly or not. If it doesn't play perfectly, please state which tracks are effected. Sometimes a buyer will still buy a CD, if certain tracks are unaffected.
  2. Shipping and postage costs should be no more than $2.55 per CD. Ship the CD in a special Australia Post CD pack. These packs ensure the safest and most cost effective packaging. CD packs cost about $1.10 with $1.00 to $1.45 for postage depending on where the buyer lives in Australia.
  3. It is usually most cost-effective to offer combined postage if the buyer purchases 3 or more CDs from you. Please state that clearly in your listing.
  4. Describe in detail how you will be posting the CD to them in the listing. This will save any possible confusion or complaints about postage costs later.
  5. Whenever possible, list all tracks on the CD. If this is too time-consuming - list the most popular or well known tracks.
  6. It is also a good idea to help promote the CD and to give your buyers the confidence that you actually have it, to include in your listing a short excerpt from the back cover that describes the music or artist.
  7. Clearly state in your listing that the CD is 'used' and its actual year of release. Sometimes a CD that is 20 years old and in perfect condition may become a sought-after collectors item.
  8. A CD that is in very good condition and sought-after should sell for about half the normal RRP on eBay. Sometimes more, if it is in limited supply or rare.

Happy CD buying and selling!

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