Buying & Selling Vintage Tins on eBay

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I love old tins whether they be Arnott's, Bushell's, tea or coffee, Cadbury tins or whatever, it doesn't really matter. They all have a story to tell about bygone eras and look great displayed on shelves.

When buying tins on eBay it is really important to check the feedback of the seller to ascertain whether they take care in packaging the item.  Some people think "it's a tin, it won't matter" but it really does matter.  I always bubble wrap my tins and safely package them in a box surrounded by newspaper so that they do not move around in the box and get dented.  Boxes often get damaged in the post and by giving your tin that extra protection, enables it to arrive safely into the buyer's hands.  

Always take more than one photo of the tin, price will depend on the condition of the tin, so buyers like to see how much rust or scratches a tin has.  All vintage tins will have some marks on them, even if it is only a tiny scratch.  If you want a perfect tin then perhaps this isn't the hobby for you.

Arnott's are great tins to collect as they have been around for over 100 years and new tins are usually released every year around Christmas (except for 2012).  Some of the very early tins can sell for around $1000 if more than one buyer is bidding on that particular tin.  There are buying guides for sale on eBay for around $45, whilst these can be good starting point for a collection, they are usually not completely accurate.

(If you email Arnott's customer service they may be able to send you a spreadsheet with a list of their tins.  It is missing quite a lot but it does provide you with a good base to start a collection).

Some buyers start collecting tins when they see a particular tin they like, for example, some of my buyers collect dog tins, another collects bird tins.  It doesn't matter to them whether or not the tin has any resale value, they do it because these tins appeal to them.  There is no right or wrong reason to collect tins. 

Sometimes a tin may be a bit more expensive from an experienced seller but that usually means that they will take more care with the item so that it arrives safely.  Combined postage is a great way to add a few tins to your collection with only the one postage cost, so it is a good idea to make sure that a seller will combine items for you to save on cost, prior to purchasing them.  If combined post is not mentioned in the listing, then ask the seller a question about postage ( ask seller a question is usually towards the end of the listing on the left hand side).

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      Thank you and happy collecting!

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