Buying & Selling cheap Avon products & samples

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Beware of buying samples and "cheap" products from Avon and Nutrimetics on Ebay. Some tips to avoid paying way too much for these products and avoid being ripped off....

I have noticed the amount of makeup, fragrance and skincare samples being sold on ebay recently. There is also a lot of Avon and Nutrimetics being sold at higher prices than you would usually pay from your local representative. It always pays to ask a representative you know how much you would pay for that particular item.
Many of these items are bought as representative only offers, in clearance catalogues, as part of promotional packs and bargain bins and sold at inflated prices at auction and in stores. This is really unfair to loyal customers and Avon and Nutrimetics representatives. Avon and Nutrimetics actually prohibit the sale of any of their items on the internet and frequently catch these sellers out and cancel their representative accounts.
Keep in mind that you would probably get a better deal with your local Avon or Nutrimetics rep, and do check with them. They know the best deal you can get and will try to get the best deal for you!
Samples that are sold either in packs or singularly on ebay is also wrong as samples are provided to the customer for free and they clearly say on the back of them "Sample Only , Not For Resale". even though it may seem economical to buy lots of samples, it is certainly not cheaper as your Avon rep gives them out for free!
Products sold singularly are often a part of a pack or deal available in your current brochures.(eg A perfume that was part of a perfume gift box that included shower gel, body lotion, etc). This way the seller can make more on the item by selling it singularly on ebay and you end up paying a much higher price.

Tips to avoid paying too much:

1. Never buy sample packs or bulk lots - These are provided FREE by your Avon rep and you can find a rep easy enough by contacting Avon
2. Check with your local rep or someone else you know who buys Avon / Nutrimetics on a regular basis to check what they paid for the item
3. Contact the companies yourself to see what deals they have and get them to send you a catalogue so you can compare and avoid paying inflated prices.
4. Avoid buying "mystery boxes"  and bulk lots of products- these often have discontinued and heavily discounted products, and the products listed, again, are usually sold from promotional packs or clearance catalogues. (E.g. a hand cream that was once $14.99 was bought on sale for $1.99 in a clearance catalogue and added to a bulk lot or box.)
5. If you are really keen on buying these products, get yourself a representative! They offer personalised service and don't charge a thing for postage!

Thanks for reading my guide, and happy bidding and buying! You are welcome to contact me if you have any further questions, through the ebay system.

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