Buying Shoes on Ebay - How to Ensure the Perfect Fit

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Buying shoes is a hobbie for some Ladies and an addiction for others. For men it is just a hassel, and for parents it is becomming increasingly impossible to find good wearing childrens shoes especially in the youth sizes 1-5 area. That is why ebay is the perfect place to get thousands of styles and sizes to fit all your families needs.

How to Ensure a Perfect Fit

Ladies. - With the ever increasing amount of imported shoes in Australia, Styles, Sizes and Brands vary significantly in the way they fit. It is becomming increasingly more important to ask the measurements of shoes before bidding. The best measurements to ask for, is the innersole length, the width at the broadest part of the shoe and for boots the width at the ankle, mid calf and or top of boot depending on the cut of the boot.

Men - The busy and hectic lifestyle that so many people lead in the 21st centuary makes it harder especially for our business men to find a comfortable shoe at a reasonable price that is going to last. Most men have one or two pairs of shoes that they use for work unlike women who have an average of 2-15 pairs. There is just not an extensive range avalible for men these days. So it is important when buying shoes that you get the right fit. The best measurements to ask when bidding or purchasing on ebay is to ask for the width at the broadest point and the length of the innersole. it is important when measuring your feet that you are standing up so your feet are spread to its maximum length and width, this will ensure that the shoes you purchase will have room to breath with no scrunching or preasure on toes.

Children - It is important for parents when buying childrens shoes that they make sure they get a good wearing shoe and an accurate fit with room to move and grow. When asking for measurements of childrens shoes it is important to get the length of the sole and the width at the broadest part of the shoe. It is also important  to remember that children have growing feet so you need to make sure you chose a size with an extra thumb width in length this will ensure your children have a  comfortable shoe that  great fits great that they wont grow out of in the blink of an eye 

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