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Before you purchase any computer software on eBay take a minute to check and see if the software you found is in fact legit and legal. You could save yourself some money and the embarrassment of purchasing a software package that's is already available for Free if you had Googled it in the 1st place!

Free CD Software

I have seen a couple of eBay stores selling only computer software. They state in all their adverts the software is legit and legal.  "the software kit has been created by us"

Don't be fooled. They do not write the software, they merely distribute it and where did they get it from?
Free from the internet.

Most (but not all) the software these software eBay stores sell is Freeware Software. Freeware Software does not cost anything, it's Free. The publishers who actually write the software would like for you use it Free. They allow for you to distribute their software Free. But it's against the GNU License to sell and profit from Freeware software.

The eBay stores is Selling the Software!  Now according the the GNU License they shouldn't be!
When I queried this, they advised they are only Selling the CD the software comes on.
So They Copy the Free Software onto a CD and Charge you for that Service Only.  But!  Why is there different prices on software packages, and no I don't mean a dollar or two, it's much more.
One would assume burning a software packages onto a cd would have a reasonable set cost. It doesn't appear that is so.
I quizzed these stores and haven't gotten a reply.. and I sure I won't get one. (Update - nope no replies)

Google the software name you found on eBay and if you found it, download it from the publishers website.

You might think so what? so what if the software wasn't legal, so what I'm paying for Free Software?
I have one simple reply to your ignorance.. 
Security! Software that's not legal will be venerable to viruses.  Security Updates by the original software publishers will not be made available to illegal software. In most situations a valid Key is needed.
Freeware software that has been distributed by unknown sources may have been altered in such a way to be a security risk, potentially having back doors opening your system to hackers.

I've been a tech for years (I've lost count) I do computer repairs, including removing of virus, spyware, and other malware from computer systems every day. I see this all to often. Kids download or have purchased a piece of software that was just to good of a deal to pass up. I've always educated my clients regarding this simple step they can take and they continue to thank me by referring family and friends.

Always Check if a Software Package is available directly from the software developers. If there's a donate option and you like the software package, you know what to do. It helps, even a few dollars.

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Search for a Great Program MalwareBytes and Only Download it from the .ORG website. There's a Free Version Available too.

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