Buying Surveying Instruments and Equipment

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Hi mates, yes we buy and sell survey instruments and equipment amongst other things. 

When considering buying an instrument off an ebay auction remember to weigh the commercial reality of your max bid, inconsideration of the risks and  the purchase price from your local supplier. 

This said, most importantly, you must ascertain by sending questions via the ebay mail system as to the authenticity of the sellers item. ie do they own it or have it to sell? 

There are large numbers of fraudulent sellers who mimic earlier auction items by stealing descriptions and photos and attempt to sell their bogus item usually via a stolen ebay identity.

BEWARE .....they have managed to gain access to an ebay account  ( not easy )  and steal that account from the rightful owner ( locked out of their own account ) and conduct their bogus auction with stolen descriptions and photos.  If  you suspect an auction is fraudulent.....advise ebay by clicking on the link at the bottom of every auction!!

Next, always pay utilizing PAYPAL.  Pay Paypal with a credit card.  This doubles as a kind of insurance should you be dealing with a very clever fraudster and provides an avenue over a few months to obtain a total credit on your outlay incombination from Paypal and your card provider in the event your transaction goes terribly wrong.  

Watch how the ebay system works for a while and don't "jump in the deep end straight away."  The instrument will come up again another time and you will be more experienced.....after all most good gear goes for decent money$$$ and you will be minimizing the associated risks.

The simple Rules:

  1. Are you really saving in comparison to the New Price, or 2nd hand dealers price on this item?
  2. Are both the seller and item listed genuine?
  3. Ask all your necessary questions prior to the close of the auction. It's too late after, you've lost your purchasing strength!
  4. Request the Serial Numbers if not stated in the item's description.
  5. If you have time, attempt to check the serial number with your local dealer.
  6. Is the gear calibrated and working etc?
  7. If shipping internationally, you will probably need to service the equipment at your destination,$'s.
  8. Like any auction, set and work within your maximum bid amount $'s.
  9. Remember the Shipping freight costs are generally additional to your winning bid amount.
  10. Don't forget appropriate taxes, international customs if applicable etc. $'s.
  11. No Paypal do not bid !!!
  12. No Paypal've got the message...... DO NOT BID.  Don't do it !!!!!!!

Trust this is helpful, good luck with getting some great gear at very competitive $$$'s.

Regards to all


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