~ Buying The Right Car For You On eBay ~

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Here are some easy ways to find the right car for you here on eBay

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  1. Before buying you car always keep a check list handy...
  • What Size Motor: Does it cost much to run.
  • What Size Car: Will the car fit all my family members.
  • Parts and Service: How much to repair and service are the parts expensive to buy.
  • Insurance: Is the insurance expensive on this sort of vehicle and can my children be insured for driving this vehicle.
  •  Price: Have a price in mind and stick to it, don't have your heart set on just the one car there are plenty of cars for sale.
  • Inspection: Ask the seller if you can inspect the car and have a test run with someone that knows about cars, even a qualified mechanic, so there are no surprises, as some people will tell you anything to sell you there car.
  •  "Very Important"   has the car got finance, if you want to find out call Vic Roads, give them the name of the person whom owns the car, and Vin number and license plate, here Vic Roads can tell you if the car has finance and even if it has had any bad crashes or if its been stollen etc... I would also recommend to pay Vic Roads $7.00 or $10.00 after you have asked these questions and get a certificate, so if anything has been missed, e.g. the car has finance you will be covered and will not lose out.
  • Buying the car online here on eBay, it would be a very smart choice to Sign up with   Pay Pal free today, this is a safer way to buy your car online, for e.g. if you purchase a car online and its not as described, or the person taks the money and doesnt give you the car, you can contact Pay Pal and you there will be able to get your money back, read more about Pay Pal Here on this link and see how you can be protected
  • One more thing if the seller will only except direct deposit, call your bank and ask them what would happen if you get the car and its not what was described, can you get your money back if you direct deposit, your bank will give you the best advise, as many people get burnt, and this guide is here for you, so the same thing will not happen to you...
  • Another good way to feel safe in buying your car is to check the sellers feedback this will give you an indication to what sort of person the seller is

Thanks for reading my guide and i hope it helps you...

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