Buying Used Fairings

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Tips to help you buy used fairings

Ebay is a great place to buy used fairings to replace your damaged ones or to update the look of your bike, with all the options available there is no sense in buying new. With all the options finding the perfect fairing can be difficult, I have created some tips to help you get the best deal possible.

Tip #1

Know your fairings part number, its important to know your part number of the fairing you wish to buy because when searching Ebay its much easier to type in the part number than sift through hundreds of items. Often sellers don't describe their item well enough which could result in you purchasing a fairing that doesn't fit.

Tip #2

Make sure the fairing is compatible with your bike year model and series, make sure you inspect the pictures and the item description carefully to make sure the fairing will fit your model of bike. Make sure to ask the seller if in doubt. 

Tip #3 

Inspect photos in the listing very carefully, make sure there are no marks or scratches on the surface, the seller should declare any damage although its important to investigate for yourself. 

Top #4 

This may seem like an obvious one but it has happened before, always check the fairing you are buying matches the correct side of your bike. Make sure to check if you need a left hand fairing that the one in the picture is a left hand fit.

Tip #5

Look for FREE shipping, all fairing no matter what the bike are always large, if a seller is offering free shipping it can save you heaps. Shipping fairings can cost the buyer between $20 and up to $200, reducing your total by this amount is always a big win. 

Tip #6 

Always buy original, although aftermarket parts from China are tempting they are often too good to be true. Buying original factory parts is the safest way to ensure it is going to fit your bike and also last you years of use. Aftermarket parts on the other hand are very cheap and there's no guarantee they will fit your bike. 

Tip #7 

Look for sellers close to you, if you cant get free shipping then any reduction in price will be well worth it, try an find a seller that is nearby and maybe even organise local pickup. 

Tip #8 

Always check reliability of the seller, this goes for buying anything. Always check the sellers rating, it should be 100% for a good seller, and also check how others experiences were with the seller by looking at there feedback. 

Tip #9 

Buy a cheap fairing and re-paint it, this may sound scary but it can save you a lot of money when your restoring a motorcycle. Fairings are very expensive new, so buying a cheap damaged fairing and getting it re-painted can be a cheaper option. Although make sure the damage is only on the exterior and very minor such as scratches or fading. 

Tip #10 

Buy from Ready-To-Ride-Bike-Parts :) 

I know you will be happy with your buying experience, check out our items for sale and please follow my account it would be greatly appreciated :)
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Thank you from Ready-To-Ride-Bike-Parts

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