Buying Vintage mics from Ebay

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For the First timers Looking for a Vintage Harp Mic there all sorts of Ebayers selling Harp Mics or what they say is a harp mic,Saying i have no way to test this, Or I bought it from an estate sale, This tells you strait away they know nothing about Harmonica Mic's and Don't Play most likely buying at swap meets told it did work, Get home tested it and it didn't work selling it this way covers there asses if you win and it don't work, Look for the guys that have tested them or pulled them open showing the inside element with a Ohms meter reading above 1000-Ohms is Good strong output, Steer away from Crystal mics they are most often dead or will fail after playing for 1 hour 2 or 3 weeks then they may just last forever thats the chance you take with crystals, The problem is they sit around for 30 yrs not being played just like a 30yr old unused car inner tube it will inflate once the pressure builds they start to crack and burst just like the crystal inside the mic element the pressure just bursts it to bits while playing ,Often the  seller will say the mic rattles when i shake it thats the burst crystal rattling around, Dynamic mics are more likely to work if bought in this condition, We know the best is the Shure Green Bullet if you can get a cheap one it will most likely work, Ask questions if the seller has nothing to hide they will fess up, Look for guys playing there mics for sale keep the model type played if it sounds good build a list of mics then you know yeh they all sounded good as harp mic's, Hunt one down at a Cheaper Price i saw one mic sold this way for USA $280 I just happend to be looking for that model anyway and found the same model Won it for USA $46, Don't be in a Hurry to win that mic if it gets to dear back out there will be another one for sale soon, If there is a mic you realy whant to bid on say its got six days to go don't make a Bid whach it check the bids if its not to expensive, Don't try and out bid them by $1 or $10 if you got $180 bid it, But Bid in the last ten or fifteen seconds this gives no one any time to react on your bid, Say there Bid was $80 you Bid your $180 in the last say 5 seconds they have no time to react, There maximum bid may have only been $95 thats the price you will win it for $95 + post of course, Check out my Sk9 Little Honker Harp Mic i sell on Ebay type it in the seach bar you will find us, It's a great First time Mic for learners,  Bedroom Blasters, Pro's, Back yard party Boys Check out our Feedback its all Good Have fun I hope I Helped Out Good Luck Happy Hunting 

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