Buying YuGiOh cards watch out for fakes

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 There are so many YuGiOh trading cards available it is hard to know what to look for, fakes can be hard to spot but there heaps of them and here is a bit of advice for anyone that has any interest in yugioh cards.

   A lot of fakes can be spoted if you know what to look for but sometimes you cant tell because the picture is stolen. Most fake cards are Holo cards that are not the same as the genuine card from the particular card release.

 For instance, I saw a HOLO "Cemetary Bomb" This card was obvioulsy fake because the genuine card set only has a Cemetary Bomb common card and it is not a holo card.

  If your not sure of a card then type the card number or name in the ebay search and see what comes up, are there any other sellers with the card anywhere in the world, if not it could be a fake.

 Other things to look for are card names that are different to the genuine card, the card may sound similar but it is a bit different because translation is incorect when printed in the wrong country.

  A lot of sellers with fake cards have good feedback because people buying fake cards dont know they are fake, they just get them and are happy.

  Selling fake cards is illegal and anyone that receives a fake card can report it to the federal police so the manufacturers of fakes can be found and prosecuted.

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