Buying a Blanket - what is GSM?

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Hi there,


Are you in the market place for a blanket but get confused when seelers refer to GSM???

Well here I will explain it to you in simple terms to ensure you are purchasing the best quality blankets you can find!

What does GSM stand for: Grams per square meter.

So is a high or low GSM count better: The higher the GSM count the thicker your blanket will be.  So be carefull when purchasing a blanket that seems too cheap to be true - because it probably is. 

For example, quite a few sellers on ebay sell the Snuggie Blankets With Arms.......most of these have a GSM of around 120 and they can charge up to $70 for these.  However if you're smart, look carefully as there are sellers providing the same product, but thicker material of 230 GSM's for less than half the price of the original Snuggie!

So to summarise - The higher the GSM the warmer the blanket will keep you throughout winter!

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