Buying a Child Bicycle Seat - Kid Bike Carrier

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 A couple of years ago we bought a rear-mounted baby bicycle seat for our 1 year old child. We rode on our bicycles with it once, and my wife told me she'd never ride with our daughter again in a rear mounted seat. Our daughters nose was running, she'd kicked off her shoes and unzipped her jacket - and all this out-of-sight behind us.

On top of these "care" issues are the obvious practicalities of balance, and ease of use. With a child behind you, your balance is off, out-of-sight you're unable to react to any sudden movement. Your child will be more restless unable to see where they are going, throwing their weight about to see around you. It's probably more dangerous - since you're concentrating on whats going on behind you - rather than watching where you're going.....

Finally - ever thought about getting off a bicycle with a rear-mounted seat - chances are you'll kick your child in the head as you try to throw your leg over. And worst of all - in an accident - can you can't protect them, can't put your arms around them!

Now the good news - with a front or center mounted WeeRide baby bicycle seat - all of this is fixed. Our daughter can see where she’s going, we can keep an eye on her, our balance is better, we can get off simply and BEST OF ALL - there's the added advantages... when I ride with my 3 year old in our WeeRide - we're interacting - we'll sing songs, count doggies, guess colours….YOU CANNOT DO THIS IS A REAR-MOUNTED SEAT!!!!

We had a recent customer who swore she'd never let her children ride in a rear-mounted carrier since as a young child herself she'd got her foot trapped in a rear wheel. This CANNOT happen with a WeeRide - and you can imagine her excitement when she saw and bought one of our seats!

See please before you buy a rear-mounted seat - think long and hard about whether all you want to do is transport your child from A-B with all the issues above - or do you want to enjoy riding with your child and interact, participate – if so buy a WeeRide!
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