Buying a Chinese Turbo off Ebay or the Internet- Need to Know's

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Before You Buy A Turbo Charger on Ebay Or Spend Your Money Buying A Turbo off the Internet …You Must Read This Article

Make sure you are buying the turbo / turbo charger off an Aussie-based company, that has a 100% Aussie-based service team.
HOW to Check??:
There are a number of sellers on Ebay that have 'Aussie seller' on their sites, but are not actually Aussie.
The best test - send an email or try call them. If email comes back with "dear sir, " or a similar formal salutation, you are receiving an email from a Chinese girl in China- no Aussie writes like that!.   Also, if there is no phone number to call, it's because they don't want you to call to find out that you have a Chinese seller on the line. When you call us on our national toll-free service line, you'll get an Aussie on the other end.
WHY Buy from an Aussie Team??:
If there is a problem with the order, (e.g. wrong turbo sent), or you need to claim warranty- you may have a lot of trouble sorting it out with the Chinese sellers. From what we have heard from others, you will get the run-around, and perhaps not even get the problem rectified at all. We all make mistakes, but how quickly we fix them is a true test of the business.
We are an all-Aussie team, and provide the best service for Turbos on Ebay.
We also sell turbo chargers and MASSIVELY discounted auto parts direct from our own ecommerce site (, something that the other sellers aren't able to do as they are Chinese-based. 
We offer the same and better warranty than the original end manufacturer and have a direct relationship with the factory in China, so are able to cut out the list of middle men, and direct import- saving you $$$s whilst still maintaining the quality of service.
Our prices are on average only a few dollars more than the other Chinese suppliers on Ebay (but we are the lowest cost, truly Aussie-based Turbo Charger seller on Ebay), and offer 100% Aussie-based support and warranty.
TRY US OUT - call us or email us and you will get a helpful Aussie that knows what they are talking about - You can go direct to our Ebay store at:

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