Buying a Digital Camera Lens

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Buying a new lens to suit my Pentax digital camera through eBay seemed at first to be quite a daunting task.
Problems arose when the descriptions given by some sellers did not reveal if the lens they were selling would have been suitable for my specific camera. Trying to sort through a heap of technical jargon was a problem.
That was, until I did my homework. Firstly I made myself very familiar with my camera. Read the instruction manual to find the recommended lenses for my Pentax.
Then with the aid of Google looked for the size lens I was requiring. (In my case it was a telephoto lens 70 to 300 mm.) I made notes of the brands and models that would fit my camera.(and prices- don't forget the prices) After that I went to the eBay buy section. Clicked on cameras - digital - lens - telephoto - suit Pentax. Wow I had a great selection to chose from. Now with the aid of my homework, I was able to compare the notes I had written with the various descriptions made by the sellers. I found more than five that fitted my exact requirements.
Now this is where my price homework came right into play. One was far too expensive.but the next four were worth bidding on. So into bidding mode I went.
Missed the first two I bid for and was in the running on the the next two. I put in my first bid on both of them then slipped in a higher bid somewhere near my maximum. For one lens the closing time was within the next three days. So each day I checked how I was going. Someone had equalized my bid on one lens so I upped my bid a tad more - and the rest is history. I now am the proud owner of a Sigma 70 to 300mm telephoto lens to fit my Pentax. The other lens I was bidding for went past my maximum so I let that one go. No need for two of them - or is there??
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