Buying a Dolce and Gabbana Gold V3i Mobile Phone

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             DOLCE AND GABBANA V3i           M0T0ROLA MOBILE PHONE


  • So you want to buy a gold v3i, but you are just not sure what's what.

  • Dolce and Gabbana recently released a LIMITED edition Motorola V3i in Gold. There were only 1000 released and they are inscribed with a serial number. The first 100 went to VIP's and the next 900 were sold through  D & G Boutiques around the world. They come in a black box and are very expensive. They sell for between $2000-$5000 and up, depending on the serial number.

If you could sell one of these phones for $5000 would you really put it on ebay for $500?

  • Because they sold so well, Dolce and Gabanna then released another few thousand, without a serial number. These phones retail for between $700- $1500 and are the same phone with the same wall papers, ringtones, video clips, D & G lanyard and they come in a gold box. Priced to sell to the average punter!  

  • This is where is gets ugly! Some more unscrupulous members of the public have released another version of this phone. In a nut shell: it is a standard V3i with the housing changed to gold (housings cost around $49.95, you can do it yourself!) and a Dolce and Gabbana sticker stuck to the back.  So ask: "What you are getting for your money. What colour is the box? Does it come with the D & G Lanyard ? Does it have the special D & G software loaded? "


Motorola has released a Gold V3i, but it has nothing to do with Dolce and Gabbana, it is a standard V3i in Gold.  Nothing more, nothing less.


Work out want you think is important, what you can afford and go from there!


Here is a few suggestions-

  • READ the feedback... it is there for a reason, go into some of the sales and see what people have bought from this seller previously, have they sold other mobile phones successfully?
  • ASK questions, as many as you need to. Importantly by sending a question to the seller you are also checking that the account has not been frauduantly taken over by someone else. If this is the case the original ebayer will let you know by warning you that they are not selling that item and to BEWARE!
  • COMPARE the country the ebayer has registered in and the location of the goods, do they match? If not, why not.
  • CHECK the phone is unlocked, will work in your country and most importantly the menus on the phone are in ENGLISH! (or whatever language you require!)
  • NEVER trade outside of EBAY to another email address, you will have no record of the transaction and no EBAY back up.
  • AND MOST IMPORTANTLY OF ALL- if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

                 Remember that Ebay is there For you to enjoy. Take it seriously, but once you've bought don't then lose sleep worrying  if you did the right thing?!.   If you researched first, your chances of getting what you expect are good. 


Security Centre Use this link to find out all the information you could ever need about safe trading.!


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