Buying a Honda CT110 Postie Bike

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The Honda Ct110 Postie bike is a small scooter style motorcycle that easy to ride and is cheap to run. Most bikes are ex Aussie post but for many years there was a farm version available to the public to buy new.These farm versions are different to ex post models and can be identified by having the speedo mounted in the top of the hedlight. Also they are fitted withe a front carry rack. They are not as good as ex post bikes as they arent as heavy duty. Although they usully have lower kms.Ex post bikes Have heav duty suspension, tyres, tubes,sealed batteries and a indicator buzzer. The best models to buy are the 1998 onwards models. These were upgraded with bigger handlebars, larger seat,updated forks,bigger rear drum brake,larger cush drive/drive rubbers. Pre 1998 models can be identified by the indicators mounted on the handlebars, small seat and lower handlbars. Low kms for a ex post bike is about 20 to 25 kms, average km abot 25 to 30, high km anything over 35000. If looked after (regular oil changes)there is no reason for these bikes to go over 50000 km.Things to look for are worn clutches, worn gearboxes, Smokey engines, worn cam chains, cracked frames, bent frames, buckled wheels, oil leks from the cam chain & clutch adjusters, electrical faults. Parts are easily obtained new from Honda and aftermarket suppliers. Most motorcycle wreckers have parts available.Postie bikes are great for riding to work, trailbike riding, excellent for teenagers, learners, camping ect.
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