Buying a Printer and Accessories

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When purchasing a printer and accessories off Ebay it is a must that they are both of a high quality. Poor quality printers can print bad quality images and poor quality cartridges can either not work or give you a bad quality image.

Buying a Printer

When purchasing a printer it is best to stick to reputable brands such as Lexmark, HP and Canon .

Since printers can easily be ruined your best chance is at buying a new printer. It might be more expensive but you can usually rest assured your getting a good quality printer.

While buying factory seconds on other products may be OK, buying factory second printers is usually a big no. Damaged boxes and wrapping can even be harmful to the printers quality. Printers are very fragile machines.

Before making any purchase on ebay it is completely necessary to check the sellers feedback. Check what others who bought the same product thought, and if they wern't happy your best shot is to go elsewhere.

If the printer you are buying does not include accessories such as ink cartridges and USB cables, read the next topic of this guide for details about buying these.

Buying accessories

Good accessories are just as important as a good printer for optimal performance. Poor quality cables can break or damage easily, and poor quality cartridges will leave you with a bad print job.


Most printers come with cables but some don't. Check that the cable is compatible with the printer (it should say in the description). Once again sticking to the original brands is the best but if you wish to save some money buy another brand but make sure you check the sellers feedback first to make sure its a good product.


Buying bad quality cartridges does not only give you poor quality prints but it can also damage your printer. For buying a good printer follow the same steps as buying a printer:

  • Check sellers feedback
  • Try to get good brands
  • Avoid factory seconds

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