Buying a car below $1000!!!

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Buying a cheap car is like playing the lottery. You win some, then your luck stops. Ypu mostly end up with a car that is almost ready for the refuse heap or junkyard.

Why buy then? Well, many in the 2nd hand car business (those with used car yards or workshops, hear this!)  think they have found a niche market via ebay where there are desperadoes needing a cheap car. Many have only a few hundred dollars but need a car to get to work, school, etc. They prey on these sort.

I have bought 3 cars I've written off within 6 months of buying them. This, in the space of 2 years. Many sellers know exactly how bad their cars are, know they are passing on a car that will create problems as soon as the buyer gets home in it!

They normally do these 5 things on eBay:
  1. they do not tell you the 'absolute truth' about the condition of the car. They'll say like 'it can be driven, no smoke, nice engine, no issues...'.
  2. they will not answer your queries truthfully. Instead, will ask you to come take a drive knowing 2 mins. in the car will not tell you much about the car.
  3. they will try selling an overheated car in the cooler months. Mean trick but I fell for it. Twice! Cars in winter normally don't exhibit overheating symptoms.
  4. their pictures are few or none at all.
  5. they say they are selling for a dead relative or senior citizen etc.
My advice is go, check out the car thoroughly. Find time suited to you, not to the buyer. This is eBay. make a good counter offer and get a paper signed saying the car is yours if you like it and am buying it.

When I sell cars I'm tired of, I try to be very truthful, even in my comments. I will not gush about its plus points too much, its 2nd hand after all. Just enough to inspire confidence in buyers and watchers. No bull.

Secondly, trust your instinct. I got a super car for $1000. Minimal repairs, engine's AAA+. Lucky buy because the man was a straight-talker.

Most important, bring a mate who knows cars, not one who talks cars. The 2nd category is useless as he just spouts numbers of horses, tyre threads but are shit when it comes to spotting defects on these cheap cars.

Good luck in your car search.
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