Buying a casterboard/Skateboard in Australia

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My Name is Aimus i thought i would share with you a guide to buying Casterboards ( be aware the common brand is Ripstik ) for future reference when your looking for a board. There are many sellers that sell (genuine Ripstik casterboards which retail for around $130.00 Australian dollars. With our market resource we have have seen alot of other sellers selling No brand Casterboards an to our amazement have found that the quality of the branded Vs No brand Is NILE!! ( In many cases, not all, but many) This comes from our independent resource and the price range does vary from 0.99cents on Ebay to 150.00 on Ebay and online check out our ebay store to see some types of casterboards we have a range of over 20 online to choose from Click here .

What to look for?
A good quality Deck a good strong base,
The right Colour of course we over a full range from blue, black to Pink on our site Here it is
Good wheels of course we over a range of wheels that light up when your riding (which i must admit is really cool to look at ) or just normal wheels with a good set of bearings, I wish i had more time to right this Guide i would include so much more if possible.

try not to forget to buy one that comes with a cover or carry bag very important! a little care goes a long way,

when buying online try to use paypal as if there is a problem with your goods you can open a dispute like a online lawyer really who looks into the whole case an resolves the problem a must i would say,

well thanks for reading


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