Buying a computer made simple!

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Buying a computer can be a very confusing and scary thing.

With hundreds of types, brands and price ranges, one can find themselves putting it off more and more and perhaps even spending more than they should...

I remember buying my first computer in the 90s, my father took me to the local computer store. Little did I know and to my dads horror, he would be forking out the small investment every year to keep up to date.

Computers can be simply broken up into 3 different groups:

The three Groups are:

The Standard Computer:
Most people are only interested in surfing the Internet, sending and receiving email, writing reports or papers for business or school, keeping their personal or small business finances in order. For that, you only need a Standard Computer.

While prices do vary according to many factors, in genmeral the price tag should be between $499 and $1200. See Standard Computer Recommendations.

The Medium Range computer:
These are for people that need more power without going for an expensive computer. This level of computer will handle graphics programs faster than a Standard Ccomputer. This type of computer is for those interested in some game playing, light video editing, light photo editing, and still graphics creation.

The price tag here should be about $1200 to $1,800. Variations in prices are determined by brand, LCD screen size etc. as mentioned above.

The Top end Computer:
These are for people who need a powerful computer to smoothly run high-end games, edit lots of photos, edit video, or to run any other power-hungry graphics-intensive programs.

The price range for top quality is a bit higher. On average around  $1,800 and up, but this is can vary depending on size of LCD screen you get, quality of the mouse and keyboard and what software is supplied.

Keeping the price range and requirements in mind, you can now enjoy a few hours of fun research on ebay, getting an idea of different packages available, price ranges and I think that may be the best way to identify the right computer for you!

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