Buying a dog coat/ jacket confused?? Read this guide

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Buying a dog jacket or coat can be quite confusing and i have decided to share some tips to make the process that much easier.

Get out the tape measure!!!

To measure your dogs LENGTH for fitting one of our dog jackets. Just measure from where their neck ends (between the shoulder blades) to where their tail starts (You do not want the coat covering their tail especially if they are the type of dog to have a raised tail) This will give you an idea on the total length the coat needs to be. Most dog coats come with adjustable velcro straps to keep the coat in place so the most important part of the buying process is to get the length correct.  We have found through personal experience that the Velco strap are more user friendly then  studs and if you have a shorter breed ie/ Dash Hounds  merely cut the straps down to suit. Dog jumpers also require the WIDTH measurement as they tend to stretch around the dogs girth (Belly).  

Other considerations

If you are buying for a puppy remember that they tend to chew everything especially the strips that keep the jacket in place!!! (A safety pin that moves the end of the strap out of reach is perfect to solve this common problem)


Fabric type!!

The Polar Fleece jackets are really handy as they are a wash and wear material and are coumfortable to sleep in too. They come in two styles with plain polar fleece or the articial fur lined collared type.

The water repellant dog jacket is similar to an Oil Skin and comes lined with an artificial fur in both the styles; collared and un-collared. 

There are so many option out there as as an owner of a spoilt chihuahua it is important to take into account the type of fabric. Be wary of any silky/ nylon fabric types as they can cause skin irritations  so whilst the outfit looks gorgeous on it does not allow their skin to breath.

Hope this helps




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