Buying a floor rug on ebay

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I recently learnt from experience about purchasing floor rugs. I wanted to buy a floor rug for my family room to match the decor and found what I thought was a good rug listed on ebay. It was listed by a business selling floor rugs and was brand new. The description of the rug made it sound like an excellent purchase. Words like extra heavy quality, high density pile, mothproof, colourfast, water repellent, extra resilient all sounded quite impressive. The RRP was $499 but it was listed at $89. Prior to purchase I went to several rug outlets and looked at the rugs there and saw that ones this size (225 x 160mm) of a polyester mix generally sold for around $199. The asking price for this one was quite cheap in comparison. I purchased the rug for a little over the $89 plus $45 delivery. It was delivered very quickly but I was surprised to see the it was quite thin and light in appearance. Nothing like the rugs I saw in the rug shops. The colours also did not quite match what was on the picture on the listing. Now don't get me wrong, the rug is okay and I am sure that the business selling the rug did not want to mislead but I did get the impression from the description of the rug that it would be thicker and heavier than it actually was. As a result I recommend that more homework is done before purchasing off ebay. Ask how thick the pile is and any other questions you can think of. Ensure that what you think you are getting is what you actually purchase.


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