Buying a power boat? Read this before you buy!

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The Power Boat Guide

Buying a boat is an exciting time in any mans life or even some women but there are many things that can turn you dream of owning a boat into a nightmare. In this guide I will discuss a few of these to try inform you into making the right choice when deciding to buy your boat.

1. The very first thing any boat buyer should do is research the different types of boats, even if its your 10th boat you should always have a basic knowledge of engines and hulls that the type of boats you are looking at have. You can do this on the internet, magazines, boat brokers and other booties.

2. The second thing a buyer should consider before buying a boat is the value of boats. They should compare lots of similar boats before choosing which one is right for you. You can compare boats online, at a dealership and in boat magazines.

After you have done these two things you can make your choice between buying a second hand boat or a brand new one. I would suggest buying a second hand boat for your first ever boat because you get better value for money but if you have the money buy a new one because they will have less problems and run better. Choose between the two paths you would like to choose.

Brand New

If you have choose to buy a brand new boat these are the things to look out for,

  1. How will you use it-There are two main ways of using a power boat these are for water skiing or fishing. Ski boats only are only really good to use in lakes as river as there low sides cant take the swell of the ocean but they are very good for skiing behind. Fishing boats are good because they can take the pounding seas of the ocean and some of the more powerful one can pull along a skier. If you are not sure how your going to use it i would suggest buying a compromised boat which is ok at both these activities.
  2. Where will you use it- If you are planing to use your boat in a river or lake the it doesn't really matter but if your using it in the sea you will need a boat with higher sides and a good strong hull.
  3. The price-Compare other boats and look for the best price within your budget.
  4. The engine- Make sure the engine on the boat you are looking at can comfortably do what you want if you are buying a skiing boat you will need a slightly bigger engine but if your buying a fishing boat make sure it has enough power and speed to get you out of trouble incase you get stuck in big seas.
  5. The hull- The hull needs to be thick enough to handle the conditions you want to go out in so if you want to go out in big seas you will need a thick hull. If your getting ski boat you will need a flat design which reduces friction enabling the boat to go faster.
  6. The features- When looking at a boat look at the standard features that come with the boat. Never buy factory features as you can buy them after market for alot less.

Second Hand

Read the brand new categories as many of them apply to second hand boats aswell and i will not repeat them here. If you have chosen to buy a second hand boat these are the things to look out for,

  1. Reliability-Reliability is one of the most important things in a second hand boat there is nothing worse then launching the boat and then it not starting so get a keen boatie to have a good look for you. Look at all previous services on the boat if they have none it is most likely they have never serviced the boat.
  2. Usage-Look at how ofter the boat has been used you can do this buy looking at hours on the dash. You should inspect the hull to see if its damaged.
  3. Care-Look at records of the boat to see if its been cared for check servicing records, also look for small details to see how they care for this boat like storage if its been stored outside in the sun the dont really care that much about it but if it has been in the garage they did. Little hints like these can tell you alot about how they treated the boat.

Also dont be affraid to ask for a test drive.

Thankyou for reading could you please say this guide was helpful thanks!


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