Buying a used oops.

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Don't know what an oops is? well there are several things you should know about opps' and what not to do when you are in the market for one.

An oops is a handy thing to have around when you find yourself in theat embarrassing position of having to remedy a mistake, wether yours or somone elses. Oops' come in two very distinct types, personal and second person.

The personal opps is often discreet, and usually used as a soft aside to the process of correcting your error. Often only you will know you have used it and even those closest to you will be unaware of its use. For situations where large groups of people will become aware of it's use, a damn would probably be more appropriate. A word of advise, you should aviod using a used oops in recurring situations. errors that occur more frquently will probably require a stronger crutch than an oops can offer.

 As for buying one, a word of advice, never buy a used oops from a one legged cross-eyed camel on speed. Never use a used oops in a personal situation more than once. Never sell a used oops to a one legged cross eyed camel on speed.

Second person use of an opps are often occassions where 20/20 hindsight would have clearly limiterd or negated the need to use an oops altogether. Because the situation is in the second person, an oops can be reused on many different occassions, providing the second person is not the same person on each occassion. The most appropriate action in this cercumstance would be the same as for a recurring first person oops and should be substituted with a damn or even a s__t if the situation requires such drastic action.

Because second person oops can be reused on many occassions, it is rare that one would become available to bye and one legged cross eyed camels on speed, seldom have them for sale. This of course negates the need to worry about the dangers of buying one from said camel.

Having said all this, there are a couple of simple philosophies that one should follow to avoid falling into the trap of having to resort to procurement from a one legged cross eyed camel on speed. Firstly, try to avoid placing oneself or others in the unenviable position having to use an oops. Planing is a good idea in this case. KISS, keep it simple stupid should be followed during the planing phase.

Secondly, try to be original in the application of an oops and avoid placing oneself or others in the recurring oops situation. This will nagate the need for use of a used oops and the perils associated with trading  one legged cross eyed camel on speed.

Happy ebaying one and all.

oops, forgot to say Merry Christmas and Happy new year to you all. (that's a new oops) ;o)

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