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So you are looking for a watch. It is a gift for a loved one or something you need as a well deserved recognition of your hard work. Here are some hints that will enable to you to get the perfect Watch and avoid the hasltes of getting stuck with something that is cheap and nasty. After all we are all looking for a bargain and this is a good place to start.

Well lets start with the PRICE. They say 'what you pay is what you get', this is true in case of almost every auction.This is more so in case of watches listed on ebay and available to buy from allover the world. There are literally thousands of choices. Be realistic and do your research on the net to see the price available for a good watch on any online store. Then make a competitive bid remembering to ensure that you are bidding low so that you have some funds in reserve when the bidding heats up you in the last few hours and minutes of the auction. Remember if you know IT IS A GOOD DEAL THE CHANCES ARE SO WILL EVERYONE ELSE. They have been to the same site to compare the price of the same watch.

Now you know what you want to spend but not sure what type of watch you want.  Lets see, a dressy watch will have a nice golden or silver polished/cast two tone frame/body. The 2 most important things to remember is the size and weight. Take a flexible measuring tape measure the size of the wrist just below the hand joint and add 1.5 cms. to get the perfect fit for the strap. Now for the face of watch should not be >3/4 of the size of the wrist. The is a perfect propotion. It is hard to know that weight of the watch unless you are personally present to try them on. 

The type of strap is extremelly important. A dressy watch will have a nice smooth two toned or single toned silver or golden strap. I have also used the same strap to go out for a jog or walking the dog. This is because I have found that anything in leather or plastic or rubber does not last. I have spent >$500.00 for a watch and in a few months I am looking for a replacement strap. I never find anything that i like and stuck with a bad alternative. So choose carefully.

Here are some more golden rules.

1.The watch must be water proof/resistant

2. It must be from a reputable company. A company like Geneva is not considered reputable. Nor are many that are listed on ebay, unless you see them in your local stores. You can buy any type of watch from any jewellery store and it comes with a warranty. You must remember that these warranties are extremely hard to execute when you spend the hard earned money online, and specially through an auction. It is simply not worth the hassle. 

 3. Avoid watches with multiple dials. The chances are that you will not be paying any attention to them after a few weeks you have hada watch. Unless you are a serious surfer or a runner. The chances are that the dials will get stuck and will interfere with the working of the watch. A watch with a window for date and day are perfect. I have been stuck with dials that have stopped, changed colors, and everything else. Its an absolute nightmare.

4. Anything that you buy will have to be the right color. If you have fair skin stay away from Golden colors. If you have nice olive skin Gold will probably suit your gold chain and gold bracelet.

5. Stay away from types like Seiko 5. It consists of 21 jewels and is self winding on a finely tuned diamond. If it stays on the wrist it gets enough momentum to get wind itself, left on a shelf it will stop after some time. It is heavy and used to sell heaps but with the advent of quartz etc have gone out of fashion. You can pick up some ones real nice and cheap,but will regret it later.

Shipping can add lot to the the price. Why not try local before you go overseas. I never understand why people like to charge in US $ when they are sending me a watch from Queensland ? 

The color is critical. Some like a watch with Radium (that shines at night). Some without any shine. I like my radium. They are so easy to see at night and add to the affinity with the watch.

I hope this gives us some tips on what to buy and how to buy in regards to a watch.


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