Buying an MP3 Player

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Buying an MP3 player is very tricky- the various aspects that need to be considered are both time consuming and frustrating. The best way to ensure that you purchase the right MP3 player is to follow the following steps:  

 First, establish what it is that you want from an MP3 player- As soon as you know what it is that you want exactly (i.e. memory, design, brand name, features) then you know what to search for, already slashing down your time.  

Secondly, create a budget- After taking into consideration what it is that you exactly want, set yourself a budget (that can give or take $20).   Take a look at the average price of such a player- Take at look at what an MP3 player of your liking sells for on eBay. If your budget is exceeded by too much, you may have to lower some of your standards (i.e. brand)  

Look thoroughly through the listings, don’t hesitate to ask questions- Make sure that you look through listings, and at any hidden costs (i.e. insurance or postage, which can be overpriced) and ask questions about the product and its condition, what’s included, warranty, age of the player, and anything else not mentioned  in the listing  

Browse through eBay and watch your favourite items in My eBay- If there are products that you think may suit you, watch them in My eBay. DO NOT BID early on in the listing, as this will only drive the price up.  

Heavily Research the Product- Sales on eBay are FINAL. Thus, before purchasing any product, you must be certain that it suits you. For example, if you are interested in purchasing the 2gb Ipod Nano, google it in and take a look at the reviews on websites by the public (i.e. If the reviews are bad, reconsider your purchase.   

If you are satisfied, bid- If all of the steps have been completed, wait to see if the price rises and in the last hour or so of bidding, put in small amounts (don’t put your maximum amount as another bidder may instantly outbid it)    

 Make sure that you don’t exceed your limit by too much, because there are more products on the market. If you don’t win, don’t worry- the second time round you will more knowledgeable, and won’t have to invest as much time into the process. Just remember to NEVER buy things on impulse-always research things before purchasing them. You could end up with a very bad deal if you buy things on impulse.    


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