Buying an eBook with Digital Delivery from Australia

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So what exactly are the problems with Digital Delivery??
Well you would be surprised to know that there are lots.  This is not meant to be a substantial guide (yet) on how to list things digitally and I will continually update this guide when I get more time and see more problems myself.

1.  Check whether your system supports the different types of downloads that are offered.  Each item should state in the description if they are supported by digital downloads on eBay the various file requirements.  Most of the downloads come as ZIP files, and if you search on the internet for WINZIP then you will be able to find a program for free on how to download and/or open these files.  Other files that are offered are in PDF files (ADOBE ACROBAT) and again this can be downloaded for free if you do a search on the internet.  I cannot tell you where these sites are as this is in breach of eBay's links policies.  Most items you will want to buy are in these 2 formats however there may be other formats such as AAC or MP3 format.  Just make sure that you can read these files before buying them.

2.  Check whether you are able to get the item via immediate digital download, or whether it will be sent to you via email.  I believe that it is against eBay's policy to advertise a Digital Delivery Format item and then not offer it immediately until the person next logs on.  Most items can be sent immediately.

3.  Check if the seller does not have the ability to offer immediate digital download then how they propose to send it to you.  A lot of the good eBay Sellers will have the facility for the item to be delivered to you remotely if the item cannot be listed as Digital Download.  This is something that I offer my buyers if they are based in countries that do not support Digital Download Delivery.

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4.  If you are look at the Canadian, American or Australian eBay site then the seller has the ability to offer Digital Download immediately following payment and there should be a special section just below the top picture and above the item description saying this.  If you are looking at the Ireland or United Kingdom (UK) eBay site then the seller does not have the option to send it to you via immediate digital delivery via eBay.  However as I said the good sellers have ways of offering this to you immediately anyway.  This is not in breach of the eBay policy and undertaken in line with your payment via PayPal.
5.  Lastly - ask yourself these questions - where am I based - can the seller send it to me immediately - do I want to wait until the seller next logs onto the Internet to receive the eBook.

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