Buying and collecting The Baby-Sitters Club Books

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These books are written by Ann M Martin and were amazingly popular in the 1990's, and the collectable nature of the series has made them a hot item on ebay. If you come to the point where you want to buy them off ebay, you probably have most of them already, although if you don't there are some very large bulk lots available from time to time. You probably know that there are 131 books in the regular series, 36 in the mysteries, 15 Super-Specials and 4 Super-Mysteries, but did you know there are many other accompanying books?
There are 6 "Portrait collection" books, which are a look through the past of the baby-sitters, 3 Special editions written by the associate members Shannon and Logan, and the following "accompanying books":
"The Complete Guide to The Baby-sitters Club"
"The BSC Notebook"
"The Baby-sitters Club Guide to Baby-sitting"
"The BSC Postcard Book"
"The BSC Chain Letter" (hardcover)
"The BSC Secret Santa" (hardcover)
"The BSC Trivia & fun puzzle book"
"The Story of the Author of the BSC: Ann M Martin"
"BSC Friends Forever: A Novelization of the movie"

Plus there are 14 "Friends Forever" books, the series which came after the BSC, and the whole little sister series.
If you are a bit too old for the BSC stories now but still collect them for the sake of it, I strongly recommend you check out the California Diaries series by Ann M. Martin. it is about Dawn and her friends once she moved back to California, and is much more dramatic and grown-up. However these books are hard to find in Australia except for the first few, so you might end up having to buy some from overseas.

Buying the books on eBay

As I mentioned, these books are very popular on eBay. The higher numbers (#90 - #131) sell from around $6 to a personal selling record of $42!! Make sure you have a bit of money to spend, otherwise you will find yourself disappointed time and time again when other people overbid you. I would recommend buying quite a few off one seller at one time if they have lots listed, to save on postage.

If you don't mind what condition the books are in you'll be able to get some cheap, but if you only want ones in great condition there'll be more competition.
You can get Mysteries and Friends Forever (excluding Graduation Day) books for $3 or so each usually.

Searching for the books
There are two different searches I recommend you use to locate these books:  babysitters and baby-sitters . There are about an equal amount of books in both. Select books if you wish, and tick search description too if you don't mind scrolling through a few more things (sometimes you will find a great mixed book lot with just the number you need)

There are two main ways people will post a single one of these books- as a "large letter" or in a prepaid post satchel. To post one regular sized book as a "large letter" it will cost either $1.00 or $1.50, however sellers will often add a bit of a handling/packaging charge on top of this. A 500gram prepaid satchel costs $5.30. Combining multiple wins is a great way to save on postage.

Using buy-it-now
Sometimes you will get really lucky and a seller who doesn't know much about the ebay value of these books will list a whole heap of high number ones for very low prices with buy-it-now. If you come across these and they are in good condition from a reputable seller (check their feedback first), I strongly recommend you buy them immediately!! A few cheap wins is the best way to fill your set quickly. If you are going to buy from ebay stores (these books are listed after all the auction ones in searches) I recommend you look through all the sellers items, as sometimes they can have a lot listed.

Want it now
Setting up a Want it now post is a great way to get lucky and have a seller offer you their old set or a big lot just the numbers you are after for less, I personally scored 9 hard to find numbers for $45 (including postage!)! Write in the description all the numbers you are after.

Good luck with the rest of your collection!

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