Buying and selling on Ebay for fun and profit!

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Buying and Selling on Ebay for Pleasure and Profit!

Looking for some ways to make a few extra dollars? Well chances are you can do it on ebay. Some people find it very easy to randomly buy things and make a tidy profit, but for those that it doesn't come so naturally to, well here's a few hints!

There are a few things to keep in mind when considering what to sell on ebay:

Play to your strengths!

If you have kids and know what the latest toys are that are "in," go around to all the opportunity shops, dig through garage sales, buy group lots off ebay, (bidding in the last thirty four seconds works like a charm!)or even raid your kid's toy boxes of their old things. Anything that has a use can be sold on ebay! If toys aren't your thing look at other things, clothes, books, knick-knacks, antiques... Well ebay is your oyster really!

Buy things cheap and start them at .99c!

If you are buying your stock (not just fossicking around home) buy them in  cheap lots if you can. This means you can start them at a lower price and you will get more customers to view your item. The more people that see it, the more chance you have of selling it! Another bonus is that people often get into bidding wars with other browsers, then you just sit back and watch the price go up!

Look at what other people are selling!

You learn new things every day. By watching what sells for high prices you can add to your repertoire of what is worth looking out for when browsing for stock. It's amazing what some things can sell for. For example, a  Holden teddy that I picked up for 50c sold for $20.50!

Throw in freebies!

If you have an item for sale that needs to go in a larger postpack for size and weight, but you can fill it up some more, throw something in for free. For example, if you sell books and have another one that was in not so good condition by the same author, or has a similar genre and it's just sitting there, well why not make someones day? They usually leave great feedback for you too! (only do it for customers that are efficient and that you like though, like the ones that pay quickly!)

Offer a discount on Postage!

Here is something that a lot of new ebayers do not know, it's not a secret, it's just not well known, now listen closely because I am telling you something important! Postpacks are cheaper in bulk! That's right! Offer discounted postage and more people will consider buying your item.

Always include a picture and gallery!

If a person can't see what they are purchasing chances are that it will not sell. An auction with no picture is not worth listing at all. Gallery increases your chances of your auction ending with at least one bid on it, I don't want to buy something that I have never seen before, no matter how good it sounds!

And finally:

Be patient!

Sometimes things do not sell. Maybe it was listed incorrectly, started at too high a price, there were some listed already at a cheaper price ect, well try again! Things quite often need to be listed at least three times before they sell. The right person is out there looking for it, they just have to see it!  So be patient and if at first you don't suceed:

Try, Try Again!

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