Buying and selling video games on eBay guaranteed save$

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  • When buying any video game off eBay always look for auctioned items and not buy it now items. Auctioned items will always sell for less $ than a buy it now item. Buy it nows are for people who are impatient and are willing to pay more money so they can get the item a day or 2 sooner.
  • When buying check the completed listing tag on the left bar on the webpage. Look at what the game has previously sold for so you know what a good buy will be.
  • When selling use buy it now and make the item a few dollars more than what you paid for it, check completed listing and see what the game has sold for with buy it now and make yours 1 or 2 $ less.
  • I always do this, I buy a game and then sell it and in the end I end up around even, so I get to finish a whole game for free virtualy and then repeat with another game.
  • When buying check which format the game is in, Australian, UK and NZ consoles are PAL, and Us is NTSC, some games are region free though but others only work on the correct format.
  • Key dot point when buying is to be patient. 


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