Buying car parts

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Before buying any car parts always ask two tings.
  1. Is the part in stock at the time?
  2. Confirm either the part number or the make, model and year of the car the part is for.
When I order a part for a car i usually need it immediately. Nothing is more frustrating than ordering a part then waiting a week only to email the seller and finding out the part is not in stock and need to wait 4-6 weeks. You don't know what you don't know. Ask the question. Do Not Assume. Ask!
The next issue is confirming that the part you are intending to purchase is the correct part. A part number is the best confirmation. Next take pictures of your part or confirm that the picture accompanying the advert is the actual part you will receive. Sometimes that picture in the advert is a stock (from the manufacturing company's catalogue) and may not be a picture of the part for sale. Ask and confirm that the picture in the advert is the actual part or that the part matches the picture you send the seller to confirm correct part.
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