Buying diamonds and gems for the first time

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Buying diamonds and gems on ebay for the first time can be a daunting process.  The horror stories most of us have heard are enough to make any sane person cringe.  So we've compiled a few very basic pointers to make your first diamond purchase on ebay a happy and positive one.

1.  Always read the listing carefully.  It might seem straightforward, but you'd surprised just how many people skim over the listings without reading everything they need to know.  If you're unsure about the different gem grades, check out one of our ebay auctions where we have diamond colour and clarity charts listed for your convenience.  If you have questions, or something isn't clear, by all means ask the seller.  If a listing doesn't state whether it's a natural diamond or gem, contact the seller to verify.  Don't be caught out by sellers who only state 'diamond' in their listings, when they are in fact selling a simulated diamond.  (there is a big difference between a simulated diamond and a natural diamond).  Most sellers welcome questions from potential customers, so don't be shy.

2.  Always view the feedback of the seller you intend to purchase from.  Feedback is an excellent guide as to the sellers standing on ebay.  People are particularly vocal when they have had a positive or negative experience with a seller, especially when expensive items like diamonds and gems are involved, and their feedback will reflect this.  Look for comments that mention the quality of the items purchased and not just 'ok' or 'thanks'.  The new 'star' feedback system is also a great guide when it comes to the communication, postage time and charges of the seller.

3.  Always be sure to check the postage details and charges.  There is nothing worse than finding a bargain on ebay, only to be hit with a massive shipping and insurance charge because you forgot to check beforehand.  If you are purchasing from an international seller, check with your local customs authority about import taxes or charges.  These can sometimes be as high as an extra 11% on top of the purchase price, turning your bargain into an expensive nightmare.

4.  Choose Registered post whenever possible.  Registered Post for any valuable purchase is a must.  It is well worth the extra few dollars to have peace of mind.  It allows your package to be tracked by Australia Post should it disappear in transit.  It also gives you the option of fully insuring your valuables should the worst happen. 

The most important thing to remember when buying any valuable items on ebay your homework.  It only takes a few minutes to ask a question, check the feedback or look up a postage charge.  Any one of these things could make or break a great ebay experience.   Ebay is fun and exciting and if you follow these few very simple steps, you too can have a trouble-free ebay experience.

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