Buying eyeglass frames on the internet is easy!

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Want to buy your next pair of eyeglasses online and not sure how to go about it? Please have a look at our guide to buying frames and some of the information that may make your next purchase of glasses easier.

How to buy frames online

It is quite simple and not at all unusual to buy frames from someone other than the optometrist who would have tested your eyes. These days, about 30% of eyeglasses presented to optometrists for fitting of lenses haven't been bought in that optometrists retail shop. These glasses are either old frames people want fitted with new lenses or, increasingly, frames that people have purchased elsewhere, either overseas or on the internet. There is no rule that says you must buy glasses from the person who tests your eyes, this decision is yours alone. Buy your frames where you can, pay what YOU want to pay, and just see how much you can save! 

What the measurements quoted in a listing for eyeglasses mean

You will notice when going through listings for eyeglass frames, sometimes measurements are given. Lens width, lens depth, bridge, temple width or, as some listings put it, arm to arm measurement. Below is an indication of what these frame measurments indicate. Some of these measurments are variable. For instance, one style of glasses is half rims. This means the lenses are held in the frames usually along the top edge of the eye glasses only. This means the depth of the lenses is not restricted by a frame and can be therefore made as big as needed by the wearer. Infinitely adaptable are rimless glasses. Because the lenses are held by the bridge and arms, there is no frame as such to restrict either size or shape of the lenses.

If you already wear glasses, then you can have a close look at your frames and you will find most have the measurements imprinted on them, either on the arms or even on the inside of the bridge piece. You will probably find three numbers, sometimes only two. The first and second numbers are usually separated by a small square. The first number is the lens width. The next number after the square is the bridge size. If there is a third number then this signifies the arm length. You can then compare these numbers with those on frames you may be considering buying.

Above, the first diagram represents the lens width - usually measured from the bridge across the width of the lens.

The next diagram down shows the measurment taken for lens depth.

The third diagram is the size of the bridge.

The fourth diagram shows the measurement from arm to arm or temple width (taking into account the slight spread caused by the hinges).

And the last diagram shows the arm length (the part that hooks over your ears).

Selecting a frame size

There is no "right" size for you in eyewear frames, because just about any size frame can be made to fit you within reason. Your frame selection is largely, a fashion decision - you may like large eye sizes, or small eye sizes, rectangular or oval - but the size of the frames does not affect your ability to use that frame with your prescription properly installed. One exception is that multifocal lenses require a vertical height from your pupil to the bottom of the lenses to be at least 20mm. Also thicker lenses are more noticeable in thinner frames. These thicker lenses are also not recommended for rimless frames as they can often cause the frames to be too "top heavy" and can slide down the nose more readily.

Buying glasses online is not as difficult as it might first appear. Remember that if you do need minor adjustments to the frames when you get them, an optometrist can do this for you either free of charge or for a small cost.

And also please remember that if you buy your frames from Face Furniture Frames Online we have a 30 day, no questions asked, return policy if for ANY reason you are not completely satisfied. We want you to be happy with your purchase so you will come back to us and also recommend us to your friends. 

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