Buying for Beginners

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Bidding on Ebay for the first time can be extremely confusing for the first time buyers and if you are not careful it can cost you more than it should. The biggest mistake a new bidder can make is to be caught up in a bidding war with another buyer, although this is great for the seller it is not good for the buyer. As a new buyer there are some things that need to be remembered and adhered to to make your buying experience a good one, I have listed the things that have helped me to be a succesful buyer on Ebay, if you follow them then you too can have a great time here.

1. Always research the item you are going to bid on, make sure of the actual cost of the item by researching it online :-  just type the name of the item into a search engine and see what the retail price is at variouis retail stores.

2. Always check on the seller, dont start bidding until you know that the seller has a good reputation, look at their feedback, ask them questions, a good seller will always help you.

3. Always set your maximum price before you start bidding, you already know the retail cost of the item from the research now decide what you are willing to pay for it and DONT go over your price.

4. Always query the shipping cost if you think it is too much, it is too late after you win the item . Before bidding ask the seller why or how they arrived at the postage cost, some sellers make more money from the postage than they do from the item. Remember, sellers are entitled to add money to cover their cost of handling the item, packaging etc but only a reasonable amount.

5. Your bid, now that you have done all of the above you must start the ball rolling, you can either bid your maximum amount or just bid the starting price. This is entirely up to you, if you really want it then bid your maximum, remember, the bidding only goes up in small increments up to your mazimum bid so other buyers have to keep bidding against you to make the price change. If you are unsure if it is a necessity to have then bid minimum amounts.

6. The bidding game, dont get caught in it, you have done your research so you know what you are prepared to pay, I have seen new buyers pay more than retail price for some articles before postage, dont be one of them. If the other bidders are going over your price then let them, you can always find another one to buy at or below the price you want to pay, I will go up to 90% to 95% of the best possible retail price, that is INCLUDING shipping costs. Make sure your shipping costs do not take the price over the retail cost otherwise you are loosing out.

7. Winning, now that you have won your item pay the seller promptly as soon as you have your invoice email, doing this will give you a good feedback, this can be very important for some sellers. Be reasonably patient with the postage, sometimes you will get it within a few days, other times a few weeks. Most sellers stipulate the postage time, if it goes past this time send an email query to the seller and ask if the item has been posted, do not be abusive, it could just be a problem with the post itself.

8. After you have received the item make sure it is what was described, if it isnt then contact the seller straight away and tell them the problem. If the seller wont help the contact Ebay, they will sort out the problem for you. Remember, if you are happy with the item leave positive feedback, this will let others know that the seller is ok, the same goes for a bad buy, if the seller has been dishonest then dont be afraid to leave negative or neutral feedback.

Follow these points and you will have a great time buying at Ebay and be satisfied with what you buy, I know I am.

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