Buying for a new puppy/ kitten. What they really need!!

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I get asked quite alot what a puppy or kitten really needs. The following is a list of items to help you

1) Bed

The type of bed you choose of cause depends on many factors such as;

- Is the dog sleeping inside/ outside. If the dog is sleeping outdoors you want a bed that will face the weather correctly. Trampoline beds or waterproof beds are a good choice. Inside dogs tend to go for cat/ puppy beds or cushion style beds. When buying these beds alot of customers just look at the design of the bed but also look at if the bed has a removable cover and is washable. From personal experience I always lie the beds flat when drying so the inner part of the bed is not ruined or twisted out of shape which hanging on a clothesline can do

- Is the dog a chewer (As you definately do not want a soft bed) Remember that it is very common for puppies to chew and beds seem to be a popular choice.

2) Feeding/ Watering Bowls

- You definately need a bowl or dish for water and food for your pet. Their are many choices on the market and again it depends on personal preference

- Stainless steel bowls are great to keep water coolish and are easy to clean (Ours go in the dishwasher)

- Ant free bowls have a rim around the bowl you can fill with water which ensures your pets food is not infested. They also come in a choice of stainless steel or plastic.

- Automatic feeders are popular for food and water as they keep the food or water clean and are handy. I use one with our dogs dry food and it is invaluable



- A variety of toys often will save your own items from being chewed and destroyed

- A selection of rubber and plush toys that you rotate and give a few each day rather than all at once ensures the dog is not bored and kept entertained. Kongs are a good idea as you put a treat inside and entertains the dog for ages when your out or at work. Their are  a variety of toys in the rubber category that have spikes to clean their teeth and massage the gums as well.

- Plush toys with squeakers are good for some dogs but not those who are in the destructive stage as you will be picking up the filling for days to come

- Remember to rotate the toys and do not give them all the toys at once as it prevents boredom (Would you like playing all day every day with the same toy!!)


Collars/ Leads/ Harnesses/ Car harnesses

- Collars can be decorative or functional. A puppy will have a different size that when they are an adult sized dog. To measure their size simply use a men's neck tie to see their size, remember not to tight as they need to breath

- Harnesses are my preference when it comes to walking as they offer more control and do not hurt the dogs neck and windpipe at all. Measure behind their front negs to see what size they will be but do not start walking until they are 12 weeks and start just with harness so they get used to weight, then add lead and let them drag it around the house and then start walking

- Car harnesses are a good idea if the dog will be travelling alot in cars. The earlier you get the dog used to the car often the better traveller they will be



- A puppy's skin is quite fragile in alot of breeds so avoid excessive grooming in the early stages, but make sure you use the brush on regular occurances so that know what it is

- My personal preference is a double sided brush with a slicker on one side to get rid of tangles and normal brush on opposite side

- Brushes and combs come in all shapes and sizes. The small versions are best for small dogs and puppies, medium for you guessed it medium sized dogs and ditto for the large versions

- You need to take into account what type of hair your dog has to ensure you pick the right grooming tools. Short hair dogs require totally different tools from a long hair dog

Enjoy your little puppy as before to long it will be a big boy/ girl


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