Buying good quality DVD movies

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When looking at DVDs it is easy to find cheap good titles. And when compared to the prices of buying retail one can defiantly see the benefits of buying from ebay. The problem lies in buying dvds that are fakes and/or not of good quality. A lot of the good cheaper DVDs that you find on line are people that are either clearing out their out dvd collection or are on selling dvds that they have purchased from other sources. These are generally the better sellers to buy DVDs from. But how do you know if they are going to be any good or not? It is very simple and easy: ask. Send through a question asking the seller where they obtained the dvd and what quailty it is. Sellers don't want to get a bad rating so they will usually be honest with you. I personally don't buy any DVD unless I have corresponded with the seller at least once. Sometimes a seller will tell you to contact them before you bid. This in itself is not a bad thing, but if the DVD item and its corresponding price seem too good to be true it may be part of a scam. Email your concerns to the seller and if they come back with information that the DVD is a fake it is preferable not to buy the item from them. If you do so you are opening yourself up to problems. Once you have purchased the item, the way to tell if a DVD is fake and not of good quality are these: poor image quality, dodge home burns from a computer, the absence of DVD special features such as commentaries, etc. Some of these may look like the real thing but on closer inspection you will see these problems. If you find that the DVD you have purchased is a fake then it is best to contact Ebay as soon as possible. Copyright laws can be very servere and also you run the risk of problems with the item as time progresses.
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