Buying jewellery

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When you are considering the online purchase of jewellery, it is ESSENTIAL to fully read the item descriptions. For example, there are a lot of items marked as 9k or 18k gold. Upon reading some descriptions we find they are electroplated over brass, silver etc.

Please also be aware that some ( not all) recommended or advertised retail prices are grossly inflated. There are a number of dealers in all areas using this device. If in doubt, search the internet, or have a look in the local jewellers shops. If the deal seems too good , beware. For example, an item with a listed value of, say $ 4000, at a buy now price of $300??? Doubtful. Genuine retailers will NOT drop that far.

When looking at diamonds (and other gemstones) remember that there are a lot of lab created items on the market which have no where near the value of natural stones. Check the websites for information on the stones. Clarity, cut, carat and colour.A large sized flawed stone may be worth very little, while a top grade small stone will hold its value. Any questions feel free to contact me. Dan

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