Buying kids clothing bargains on ebay

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Do you love to nab an ebay bargain?

Here are a few tips that I have picked up along the way...

* Buy out of season - all kids grow, and they grow fast too! If you want to get a great bargain, then you need to minimize your competition ie other bidders. Buy your kids Summer gear in Winter and vice versa. For example - if your little girl is wearing size 0 in June, then by the time the height of Summer rolls around she will probably be in size 1. If you keep that in mind you can beat everyone else to the sale and nab a great bargain.

* Know your brands and the sizing systems in place - a bargain is only a bargain if you can get good use out of an item at a great price so you really need to know what to target. Certain brands are made larger than others. Bonds is traditionally a very small make, while Big Softies and some brands from Best and Less, for example, are quite generous. Make sure you have a very good idea of what sizes your little one needs and you won't be wasting your money on things that will never get worn! Better still, items like jumpers and t-shirts usually can be worn a little oversized and there fore can last 2 seasons!

* Have a good idea of RRP - RRP is the recommended retail price for an item. But remember, just because a manufacturer 'recommends' that their item is worth $20.00 doesn't necessarily mean that that is what it costs. During clearance sales and through discount outlets, many items can be regularly purchased at less than RRP so you need to be aware of what an item or similar can be purchased for at a store near you.

* Get a handle on postage charges - If you go to your local Post Office, they can give you a small booklet that explains postage charges. Forewarned is forearmed! Once you know how much different weight costs to post, you may be able to combine multiple purchases from the same seller and get a discount on postage and handling costs. Remember to ask the seller first, before committing to bid. It can also save you money by buying bulk packs on ebay. Pre-paid satchels are avilable from Australia Post and can hold up to either 500grams or 3kgs for the same fixed cost. Why not see if a seller has other items that you like and get them to send them all together. It will be like paying postage for the first item and getting the rest sent for free!

Happy shopping!

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