Buying machine Embroidery Designs

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Ok so you have your new Embroidery Machine and are set to embroider everything in site!

Most machines have a certain amout of built in designs for you to get started with and they are great while you get used to the machine and your new craft. However soon you are wanting to do personal items for family and friends so you start looking for new desings, you have several options -

  • CD's & Design cards manufactured by the Machine Companies these will always be the right format for your machine and they have been test stitched many times so you know they will always look good. These can be upto $250.00 each and contain around 30 designs each. You can sometimes buy these second hand on eBay when someone has upgrades their machine or no longer used them. However please make sure you are purchasing the original card or CD not a pirated copy on a blank CD someone has burned at home (unfortunatley there are plenty of these available) you can tell if for example a Brother card of designs is being sold for $5.00 buy-it-now and the seller will also email the designs to you. Good rule of thumb if it sounds to good to be true it usually is!


  • CD's from Jenny Haskins, Sue Box, Rowena Charlton, Amazing Designs, Cactus Punch and many more available brands. These CD's are like the Machine companies ones have been test stitched many times to ensure quality. These ones sell for around $60.00 - $100.00 per CD and are very good value and quality.


  • Designs sold by digitizers themselves. These desings have been created from clipart the the digitizers purchase direct from the artist. The digitizer has purchased the copyright to this clipart and they are allowed to sell it as digitized embroidery designs. These designs can be emailed or sent on a CD as you are purchasing direct from the digitizer. You can tell if the designs you are looking at purchasing are coming direct from the digitizer if in the listing you see a copyright notice and a credit to the artist for the clipart. These desings usually come in smaller sets of 6 - 10 designs per set and sell for around $8.00 per set, these sets can be very usefull if you only want a couple of theme related designs for a one off project. Most digitizers put many hours into their wook and will test stitch out the desings to ensure they will work perfectly for the buyer. These are available in most formats if in doubt ask the seller if they have your format.

If in doubt please ask the seller for a sample of their work to ensure it stitches well before you purchase it. They should have no problems giving you a desings to test stitch. Remember to let the seller know your required format when requesting a sample.

Remember most machines require either a USB cable or card reader to transfer desings from your computer to the machine. You will find information on this in your User Manual.

I hope this guide has been helpfull to you ;-)

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