Buying mens suits- Essential Tips

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Before buying men's suits, it is good to note the frequency that you wear your suit. If you wear suits to work often, then it would be advisable to have a greater number of suits.  This allows rotation of your suits during the week. It is important that each suit can have at least one day’s rest after wearing to avoid it from wearing out fast. More men's suits also provide more option of trying out various styles and unusual colors for your suits. In contrast, having smaller number of suits in your wardrobe would mean that it is safer to keep the suits classic in designs and colors. Buying men's suits should be based on one that provides the best versatility in blending to your lifestyle as well as frequency and occasions of wear. For example, if you are buying men's suits specifically for attending certain evening function, then avoid wearing light colored suits. It would be advisable to buy darker shades for the night. And some good choices would be navy blue or charcoal gray ones.

Navy Blue Suits
Through the right mix and match with dress shirts, a navy blue suit can be worn quite often during the week and you can still look different each time. Navy blue generally has easy affinity with many basic colors like white, light blue, dark blue, gray and even purple dress shirts. These colors can be blended within any combination of patterns (check, fine stripes, bold stripes) on the dress shirt and make your navy blue suit look refreshing each time.

Gray Suits
Gray suits would generally fall from dark gray to medium gray to charcoal gray. These are the safer shades of gray where it suits both day and night as well as summer or winter wear. Gray suits project an image of authority, stability, and professionalism.
A popular fabric of choice for gray suits has been flannel. But when buying men's suits, we should consider the possibility of one that can be worn year-round. So it would be advisable to have a lightweight worsted flannel gray suit instead of heavy woolen flannel.

Stripe Suits
Pinstripes are fine lines or stripes that can be straight or broken and run vertically down the suit. Pinstripe suits are known for their classic styling that is timeless and definitely worth investing in for the long term. Chalk stripes are like chalk drawn vertically on a suit and are  thicker than pinstripes. The definition of chalk stripes is usually less pronounced than pinstripes. Chalk stripe suits can give a more dressy effect. Both the pinstripe and chalk stripe suits are worn often in the business world? and strongly favored by many boys? in the financial industry, like bankers and stockbrokers. Needless to say, these two styles give an impression of someone professional with authoritative status. To create a more fashionable look, there can be a play of colors for the stripes over the usual charcoal gray or a medium gray fabric. some are prefering the chalk stripe suit for its subtle and yet stylish feel over the pinstripes that can give a conservative and strict image.

Buying men's suits can also break from the basics if you choose to be different and dare to stand out from the usual. Here are some suits Ithat could be recommend for a refreshing touch:

Windowpane Suits
The windowpane suits are obviously understated in men's fashion. It gives an extremely stylish and dressy effect that differentiates greatly from the usual stripe suits. Instead of a squarish windowpane, you can settle for a rectangular formation that provides an elongating effect for a man’s body as well. Windowpane suits also allow harmonious combinations with more patterns than the usual plaid suits. Windowpanes are very suitable for springtime. Instead of going for a pronounced thick windowpane pattern, you can try a charcoal gray fabric with subtle violet chalk windowpane rectangular in shape. Or alternatively a light gray suit with pastel blue windowpane rectangular pattern.

Brown Suits
A color avoided by many men and deemed as not worth a timepiece suit. However, I beg to differ as this color gives an earthly tone and also a down-to-earth feel. It deviates from the predictable “safe” colors like gray and navy where we should have become overdosed with by now.
Brown suits can be easily matched with earth tones from yellow to gold to tan colors. Depending on the tone of your brown, combination with maroon, cream, or even navy blue is also possible.

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