Buying motor vehicle parts interstate

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When buying parts from interstate sellers you need to consider why the item is for sale.
Most sellers want money to pay bills or need extra cash for other reasons so they will offer items for sale.
When you bid on these items you need to ask the buyer why the item is for sale,where it is located,payment and pickup policies and any other conditions of sale the buyer might think of first,before bidding,this can be very frustrating and annoying for the seller.

The seller may want the money immediately or require the buyer to pick up within a couple of days otherwise the seller will open an unpaid item case against you,the seller does not consider the buyer may have to take time off work to pickup the item or not have the money immediateley available,
Any request for extra time to pickup or delay payment from the buyer to the seller will result in the seller taking action.

Ebay might need to consider a policy on this statement  as some sellers are very pushy and get very demanding when things dont go there way,as there sole purpose is to make money and rip off all buyers who might want or need the item being sold.

So buyer be aware ! your seller will take action !
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