Buying musical instruments on ebay

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This guide is here to help first time users or recent users with purchasing musical equipment on ebay. I have developed a good suite of processes that have helped me use ebay to buy items that I cannot buy from shops or stores. Firstly I run a broad search on a product type or brand name. For example with quality musical intruments I might search under "Roland" or "Technics" in the musical intruments section. Once I have found something that interests me I work out if the price is reasonable. This is easily done by running a "Google" search on the product or the type of product, e.g. "keyboard". This process often gives me a few ideas, the avaliability of the product, user reviews of the product, pricing and very often similar products on ebay. I always run a worldwide search on the product or brand name of what I am interested in to get an idea of what people are paying overseas or if there is a better deal. Once I have found a good price for the item, I check the item description. This is important because now is the best time to clarify the current condition of the item. I always ask the seller plenty of questions so that when I open the box there are no surprises. I especially like to clarify such words as "mint" and  "perfect condition", especially with older items. This process has meant that whenever I have bought on ebay I have been very pleased with my purchased product. The next thing I do is clarify the postage cost and the payment type. Often through good communication with the seller I have been able to use payment methods endorsed by ebay but not originally mentioned by the seller that were more convenient to me. Also, early clarification of postage cost has meant that I have been able to bid up to my highest possible maximum bid, and win the item! Finally, I chech the feedback of the seller. If I have a problem with some negative feedback they have recieved I do not hesitate to communicate with them about this. Good Luck on ebay! Remember, communicate, communicate and communicate!

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