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There's a few things that i have learnt from using Ebay. i really enjoy shopping and recommend Ebay to everyone, however there are a few things to look out for. When bidding on products, ALWAYS check the postage price before you bid. This is because i have often found that if you find a desired product and it is quite cheap, then often the gap between the product price and the RRP (recommended retail price) is made up in the postage. This is most important when purchasing items from overseas.  

Also, if you find a product that you really want to win and it has a few days to go, wait as long as possible. There are two reasons for this: one, because often it will help to keep the end price of the item you are bidding on as low as possible, and also because it gives the buyer a better chance of securing the sale as the final bidder.

When buying products that are claimed to be genuine items, make sure that you ask the seller for a certificate of authenticity, or some other proof of its originality. i have found that this is especially important when buying items such as band clothing. if the seller can't provide proof, dont bid.

One other thing to check out when buying products the the feedback rating. as most sellers do have at least one negative point, it is important to read the negative comments. the reason for this is because it is very common to find that the negative feedback can be the underlying fault of the buyer, and be virtually inpreventable by the seller.

One final point to note is to make sure that when buying products off Ebay stores or businesses, make sure that you can find contact details before you buy ANYTHING from them. This is because if you purchase an item which turns out to be faulty, for example a video camera, there is not much you can do about it if there is no way for you to contact the seller as regards to warranty issues.

I hope that this guide can be useful to some new members of Ebay.



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