Buying on Ebay for dummies.

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This is a short guide from novice to novice on how to buy items on ebay.

Step 1. Go to and register, this is an easy step with detailed instructions. you will need your credit card for this step.

Step 2. Sign up for PayPal, go to this is like a bank account that you will use to buy goods on ebay. It is safe and secure, it also allows you to buy on your credit card.

Step 3. Return to and start shopping. There are search fuctions that allow you to search the australian site as well as "world wide" sites. The left hand boarder will help you refine your search. you could also just browes ebay sections too, but i recommend the search.

Step 4. When you have found an item that you would like to bid on, select "bid now" and follow the instructions.

Step 5. Ebay will ask for your maximum bid, this is automatic bidding, ebay will increase your bids for you when others try to bid for the product up to your maximum, it will not exceed your maximum bid. An example: if you were to bid a Maximum of $50 on an item, but the item has a start bid of $10, then you would be the winning bidder at $10. If i was to bid $20 for this item i would be told that i have been out bidded, and you bid would move to approx $21. Then if i really wanted the item i would put a Max bid of $100 in and i would be told i was the winning bidder at $51. So you don't have to sit and watch ebay. just put in your maximum you are willing to spend and let ebay do the rest.

Step 6. Once you have won the item you will now request ammount an payment details from the seller, this is done by loging into "My Ebay" and selecting the item you have won, there will be an option to request final amount from the seller. Do this, it will show your shipping address to the seller for them to calculate shipping costs, mostly these are at your expense. Once they have calcualted this you will be sent an email with the payment details.

Step 7. Payment is best via PayPal. Log into "my ebay" and select "pay now" next to the item you have won, it will ask you to log into paypal. Confirm the bank you wish to pay by, or select credit card. Fill in the amount, and pay.

Step 8. Wait for the item to arrive, the sellers will usualy send you an email with a tracking number for the shipping comany. This allows you to see where it is and how long till it arrives.

Step 9. Feedback, Ebay is run on feedback both positive and negative, it shows the integrity of the buyers and sellers on ebay. To leave feedback log into "my ebay" and beside the item you have won and paid for it will say leave feed back, select this. Just follow the instructions. You don't always have to leave positive feedback, if you are unhappy with the service you recieved then say so.


Well thats Ebay in a dummies nutshell. Like i said this is one novice to another. Hope it helps.

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