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USING EBAY                         eBay Australia

Use of eBay

Millions of people around the world use eBay. You can use this service to buy or sell items. Many of these items are not readily avaiable within your country. EBay provide a safe way to trade with people from around the world.

Tips- Before buying

- It is extremely important that you check the sellers feedback rating. This will tell you how happy customers were with the service. This can be seen on the top right hand side of each item.

- Seller can choose a variety of ways to obtain the money from buyers. You need to check the items decription to ensure that you are happy to transfer the money in that way. If want to pay in another way, you have to check with the seller.

- Always check the postage rate. Some seller inflate the postage to cover any loses they may have with the selling of that item.

Buying an item

- EBay gives you access to items from around the world.

- Using categories and key words allows you to point the item you are after.

- When you find the item you want to purchase click on the item to find the full details.

- Postage costs and feedback rating are important areas to locate.

- You then bid on your item. Do not bid more than you are willing to pay, as you are entering a legally binding obligation.

- If you are the highest bidder you must make the payment as soon as possible.

Making a payment

- Before buying, you should check the method/s in which in the seller wishes you to pay.

- Once winning an item you must pay within the first couple of days.

- If you have a problem with making the payment let the seller know as soon as possible.

- After receiving the item you then leave feedbakc for the seller.

Solving a dispute

If you pay for an item and don't receive it in a reasonable amount of time, it is important that you contact the security centre. The seller will do the same if you don't make a payment in a reasonable amount of time.

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