Buying or Selling - Payments through PayPal - Beware !!

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If your are thinking to use PayPal as a Seller, this reading is most important to you!


  1. Use "Google" and search for "PayPal complaints"
  2. Visit EBay's "Community Help Boards" (Chatboards) and follow the link to PayPal


Once you have done that you will find that there is several negatives about using PayPal.

This short guide is not about telling you to use or not use PayPal, it only attempts to get you better informed before you sign up. I hope it will help you avoid making the mistakes I made.


As I see it, the problems are:

  1. If you have a Personal PayPal account and use it to accept payments from EBay Auctions, the text under the PayPal Logo states that credit cards can be used for payment. However, whilst your purchaser can send the money by credit card, PayPal requires you to upgrade your account, before you can get the payment. This will mean an extra cost to you, as PayPal will charge you the credit card fee. BEWARE OF THIS! If you choose not to upgrade you will have to send the money back and seek alternative payment from your customer.
  2. On the same subject, if you choose to insert the PayPal Logo in your listings, it will again refer to using credit cards. This is not possible for Personal Accounts (see 1 above).
  3. Payments could be accepted to Personal Accounts if they come out of credit funds with PayPal or through a bank transfer. Why PayPal does not make this clear in their Logos and Payment options pasted on EBay, I do not understand. I have written to them, wait and see if things change. In the meantime, beware of this, it could cost you!!!
  4. There is a lot of comments on the community boards and Google about the way PayPal gives refunds to buyers (Chargeback to sellers). This could mean that you as the seller are out of pocket with very little chance to get your money or goods back. THIS ALONE IS REASON ENOUGH TO ONLY SEND GOODS REGISTERED! or NOT to use PayPal !!!!

Please understand, the above is based on my experiences and is intended as a guide to all EBayers only. I trust you will not make the same mistakes as so many of us have. GOOD LUCK AND SAFE TRADING.


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