Buying or bidding on Games, DVDs and software

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The purpose of this guide is to provide some basic information on buying and selling items like games (PC, PS1, PS2, XBOX, XBOX360, Nintendo, etc), dvd's, cds and music cds,  to new buyers on EBAY and new and long term sellers alike to make it a worthwhile experience for everyone.

For Buyers -

1. Do your homework and research, spend time looking for the items you want. It's easier to have a list and set a budget, yes a budget.
2. You found the item you want ? Great. Have a look at that item, are there many listings for it? Check out the Sellers for each of these items, have a look at their feedback, better feedback, safer and better deals. Check and read ALL the information for the item. Re-read and make sure you understand what is up for sale/bidding, and all costs involved. If there is anything not understood, send the Seller an email, ask all your questions.
Please note, it is VERY helpful to ask the seller a question BEFORE you start to bid on their item. It can save confusion and grief for both buyer AND seller.
If the price and postage sounds to good to be true, don't bid on it, it's probably a pirate copy so you risk purchasing an illegal product.
3. You have bidded on an item and lost to someone else? Don't fret, I have bidded on many items and lost only to find the same item around within a couple of weeks and won the second time around.
4. If you win, pay promptly, as alot of buyers may become sellers themselves one day, sellers like to sell items quickly and the quicker you pay, the quicker you get your item.
5. You got your item recieved in the post, Great. Are you happy ? If you are, leave feedback for the seller (hopefully it is positive feedback). Now the transaction is closed.
6. You got your item but things have taken too long, or maybe you haven't recieved your item ? Contact the seller imediately, be polite, some Sellers may have regular day jobs and may only have a look at their emails once or twice a week. Have a look in the Help console, you have much recourse for getting things sorted out. Just remember if buyers are happy then sellers are happy. COMMUNICATION between buyer and seller is Key.

For Sellers -

1. New to selling ? Just list one item and see how it goes. Didn't sell ? don't panic, it's a learning curve for all of us. You may have to adjust items price, postage or add more information to help make your item sell.
2. Ask other sellers how they successfully sell, ask them as many questions as you can think, the more information you get, the more informed you can be to sell your items.
3. Great, for some of you sellers who have been around a while, have a look at some of your items. I have seen many items that start and sell for $0.99 only to have $15.00 postage ???? come on, yes we want to make money, but not by ripping off buyers. Put in a better postage price.
4. Put in some good details about your item, provide as much detail as possible, give a photo of the item, if I don't see any clear description, I as a buyer am going to move onto the next item, here is an example of an XBOX game of what I mean;

bought for son, played twice, g cond, used

it's a little arbitrary on the condition of the item, I have recieved many items where the disc is in OK condition only to find the slick and case, ripped and broken.
5. Don't scam, you are going to be caught, if you list an item for $0.99 and free postage, I know it's a pirate copy. We don't need piracy, I am a local dvd business owner and you rascals (stronger language intended) hurt us enough as it is.
6. Communicate with your potential buyers, give all details in your description about condition of product, if it is used or new, especially. Send emails to your final bidder, let them know that you are provid a prompt service. Don't advertise that you will ship in 1 day if you send the item to the winning buyer after two weeks. If there are problems, let your buyers know, let them know if you are having delays, let them know they have paid you, let them know you have now posted the item, most people are reasonable!

Happy Ebaying to everyone, remember communication between all parties is key.

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