Buying replacement batteries for Motorola XTS handhelds

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NTN8923 with 234AUC underneath (Another Useless Cell)

3000mAh 7.5V NI-MH No branding, No Serial, No Origin of Manafacture

Sold by dodgey companies slightly cheaper than Authorised Motorola/Impres.

*can not add doabatt.jpg due to eBay coding.

To balance the stereotype not all Asian sellers here are dishonest the visar NiMH i purchased is brilliant.

Just try and evaluate if the product is real ask product specific questions as the dodgeys will not know or will guess.

It's hit and miss in a lot of cases on eBay in any case see if anyone else has bought the product unfortunately seller reviews don't tell all as in my case

no review of feedback was bothered with stupidly most sellers get an instant A+++ from me regardless of later outcomes.

As technically it's not the transaction at fault it's the dishonest trader selling dud cells.

Spending a bit more knowing your product is authentic even if aftermarket is worth it.

Reputable Businesses known to be sellers of authentic and genuine Motorola/Impres batteries.

Sandy's Communications in America are very helpfull they have secured future transactions and further promotion. 

Trading as

New to Motorola portable products?

New batteries Nickel Metal Hydride and Lithium will require new suitable charger if you have legacy chargers.

Legacy being chargers purchased prior to the above mentioned technologies mainly Nickel Cadnium types.

NTN1171A and this era of charger are not designed to get maximum performance of newer type cell technology.

Impres batteries should be charged in they're respective Impres chargers because of the battery monitoring and conditioning which a lot of legacy chargers don't have.

The Impres charger sold on eBay by Sandy's Communications is dual voltage 110VAC/240VAC.

You will only need to source your own figure 8 mains lead like the type used in a lot of appliances vcr's, am/fm radios, various printers ect ect.

If your charger allready does conditioning you may not need to buy an Impres charger but they might not talk to each other and as the chargers are now "smart" well you can try but remember this.

Warranty ! Impres batteries and others should be charged by suitable chargers or it can void warranty as well as cause premature end of life or diminished capacity.


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