Buying shoes on eBay and stepping out successfully!!

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You are all woman, with a big grip on the planet. You have a problem finding shoes that weren't meant for the victims of foot binders.  You hover between a size 10 and 12, depending on the width of your foot, and so you apply your knowledge to navigate the maze of buying and selling shoes on eBay! find the shoes of your dreams! They are gorgeous, your favourite brand, and you wonder how you missed  them at Myer/ David Jones/ Peter Sheppard etc.etc

Ask, ask and ask the seller again! Ask for the outer width across the ball of the foot, the inner length and heel height. Ask for a photo of the sole to see if there is any wear and how much.

HOWEVER....Sometimes, no matter how careful you are, or how honest the seller might be, the shoes that you have bought are Not Quite Right.

But, as a winner...If the shoe doesn't fit, then on-sell it. This is how I became a card-carrying member of the Imelda Marcos Society of Shoe Addicts.

Tip No. 1 Sellng...Measure the shoe's width of sole (at the widest point across the ball of the foot) and length from heel to toe.  Highlight these in your saves buyers having to ask you for these details. It also indicates that you know your product. What buyers really want to know is if this is a B or C fitting, and you won't know unless it is written on the shoe. So, be as honest as you can.

Tip No. 2 Selling... Have you retained the original paper and /or box? If so, mention this in your listing, make sure it is obvious in the photo and don't forget to include it with the original box to your winner. Everyone loves authenticity!! 

Tip No. 3 Selling...Postage. Use pre-paid Australia Post eBay satchels to offer buyers a flat rate.  Offer buyers the choice of buying the shoes with or without the box and quote postage rates accordingly. A pair of shoes on their own without the box should fit in a 500g satchel - even my size 11! If the buyer wants the shoes with the box, offer the 3Kg satchel option. I always round up to the nearest $ to allow for handling and other hidden costs eg $7 for a 500g satchel and $11 for a 3Kg satchel.  Some tissue stuffed in the toes never goes astray and won't increase the postage.

Tip No.3 Buying...Always ask for the dimensions of the shoes...length from heel to tip of the sole, and width of the sole at the widest points. Measure your own foot, too, rather than rely on your usual size. Sizes can vary across styles and brands as well as with your own feet according to the time of day or season.

Tip No. 4 Buying...Ask if there are any scuff marks on the shoes or soles.  Sometimes these might have been incurred during trying on even if the shoes are listed as NWT or NIB. If the soles are marked then the shoes have probably been worn.

Tip No. 5. You buy shoes on eBay and they ft? Fabulous.. you'd better leave positive feedback!

You buy shoes on eBay and they DON'T fit or they are different from the photo or description? Ask yourself why.........

Did the seller fail to disclose information about the shoes?  You might have  a case for a refund if you can prove this but always try to sort it out with the seller first. If the seller agrees to give you a refund, negotiate the cost of return postage by registered mail.

Did you ask for measurements, or details about colour, material or wear and tear? Sorry... if you didn't ask and are disappointed, on-sell them honestly or give them to the Salvos.

Smart buying shoes on eBay can expand your shoe collection without breaking the bank. Smart selling can earn you extra cash to buy more shoes!




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