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It has come to my attention that some people have had negative experiences on eBay, there are many things that can happen whether you like it or not. I am writing this thread to hopefully influence your experience on eBay from being a negative to a positive one.

Please Note: The following tips are not endorsed by eBay; the tips are from personal experiences within the eBay community. There is no obligation to follow these guidelines, but I suggest you should at least consider the following:

1. Before considering a purchase or placing a bid, I suggest reading the entire listing to make sure you understand what you are bidding on (ie. listing states 'Suikoden 3 on Ps2', some members neglect to read listing information and discover that a purchase is in a poorer condition then what was expected).

2. If the condtion of the item is not listed, it is in your best interest to contact the seller before placing your bid.

3. When 'Asking a seller a question', take note of the time the seller used to respond. If the member does not respond, I recommend that you do not bid. (If the member can not take the time to answer one query, then the member clearly doesn't have the time to fulfil your level of service).

4. In some listings, a seller states in the item description that the item remains untested. I advise not to bid, except in the event where you are willing to take the risk (if the auction price is low, it is a rare item, or if the item can be repaired). There is a possibility the item will not function as expected, but there is also a possibility that the item will work efficiently, in the end it is your own decision.

5. Bidding on an untested item? If the seller accepts returns, why not make a bid? You will have nothing to loose!

6. When you purchase an item and it remains undelivered request a postal receipt (Which confirms and prooves the seller sent the item).

7. Expensive items, I do recommend registered postage, this will cost you an additional $2.50 to regular postage costs. Note: This price is subject to change in accordance with postal standards.

8. If a seller hasn't set a postage price in the listing description, it wouild be in your best interest to contact the seller for a postal quote. If the seller does not respond, or if you think the quote is too high, insist to obtain the item's measurements and wieght in order to personally recieve a quote. (You can compare your quote with the seller's (Using Australia posts online calculator)). Also take not that a seller will include the cost of postage, wrapping and handling in his estimate.

9. Hesitant about sending large payments via bank deposit? Insist on using paypal, this way it ensures you are covered under most circumstances.

10. It is essential to keep all messages sent and recieved within a transaction despite how little or many it will be. (Very important in the event where you need to contact eBay to resolve a dispute).

11. When purchasing an item, always keep a copy of the payment receipt until both parties have left positve feedback and are satisfied with the transaction (I delete all my messages once I am satisfied with the seller's service).

My personal rules

(The rules listed are from personal experience. Again, there is no obligation to follow my approach; my rules are suggestions to the readers who are new to eBay, and to the members who require additional advice).

1. No contact from a seller = No bid

2. A seller with less then 10 feedback, despite being 100% = No bid

3. A seller with over 10 feedback and all postive feeback (100%) = Bid

4. A seller who responds promptly to all queries, and who has relevant feedback = Bid

5. A seller who has below 98% feeback = No bid

6. A seller who has above 98% feedback = I review his previous feedback and act upon my overall feeling.

7. Exception to rule 2, if the seller allows pick up of an item = Bid.

8. (Extremely Important)

If you are unsure about trusting a seller, read some of his previous feedback, and check for any negative comments. Also take note if the comments where made when the eBay member was buying or selling!

If you are unsure about anything and require some more suggestions, feel free to contact me and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I am happy to discuss any questions and concerns.

Thank you for taking the time to read this guideline. I would appreciate if you could rate the value of this thread.

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